Thursday, April 11, 2013

vashika (yearly) bajata riporta

Our soft-shelled president just finished a press conference during which he explained the rationale for his budget. According to Kos, Obama was "defensive" about the Social Security cuts, blamed the Republicans, and said it was their idea. As he was speaking of Social Security, he never mentioned it by name.

Markos Moulitsas, founder and proprietor of the very successful Daily Kos web site, and still one of the most concise and effective pundits on the internet, comments:

Nobody could've predicted this, except everyone:

  1. Release a budget with cuts to Social Security.
  2. The base pushes back: Um, we're Democrats. We don't cut Social Security!
  3. President Barack Obama gets defensive: But it's the Republicans' idea!
  4. Except that the Republicans didn't include Social Security cuts in their crazy draconian budget. Why? Because only a moron would step on that third rail.
  5. Re-read step #1.
  6. Republicans begin 2014 campaign, charging that Democrats want to cut Social Security.
If there's any silver lining in this debacle, it's that it'll allow congressional Democrats the opportunity to distance themselves from this bumbling White House.

whoa. Did Kos just call Barack  Obama a moron?

Something tells me the big O is all done, the same way Dubya was finished by 2006, and those still faithful to his standard are starting to circle the wagons.

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