Friday, May 31, 2013

tattooed women, snake charmers, and tarot cards

The area around Florida's Lake Okeechobee is up in arms because one of their little towns is planning to host a Summer Solstice festival.

The solstice is, of course, a pagan celebration.

Pastors from various churches in Pahokee attended Tuesday night’s city commission meeting to express disappointment in city leaders for allowing the event to come to Pahokee.

Calling the planned festival "an abomination," Pastor Brad Smith, who is the state honcho of something called "Kids for Christ" added, “I just found out about this today. I am disappointed in the city of Pahokee for allowing this."

“We are opening ourselves up to things we should not, like belly dancing and magic spells,” said Daniel Mondragon. “We do not welcome these things. This is the first annual event, and it should be the last.”

“When I heard about this I immediately began praying,” said Bishop Jared Hines of New Destiny Community Church, although he didn't say what about. Had it been me, I'd have asked Jesus to send me my very own belly dancer.

I think these guys have the wrong idea. They should take a belly dancer to lunch. I've done it plenty of times, and enjoyed em all.

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