Friday, May 03, 2013

your revolutionary act for today

I should have posted this on May Day, but didn't think of it till today. So this will be a 28-day  month.

Your revolutionary act for May 3, 2013, is vegetarianism. It's not just a dietary choice, but a revolutionary choice, aimed at destroying American meat and dairy producers using "factory" methods, who have violated every rule of common sense and common decency in their treatment of animals.

They have done so as a religious act. They worship "the bottom line."
The United States today is operating a holocaust for animals, just as Nazi Germany did for the human race. Animals are helpless, and have no voices. This is extraordinarily bad karma.

There are undoubtedly some here who think this is some kind of joke. But when judges start sentencing people to be confined for several years in conditions identical to those in which their pigs lived, you won't be laughing.

i'm often encouraged by fascists like Charlie Kraphammer to get a little hot under the collar at our so-called enemies in the Middle East. But as far as I'm concerned, factory style meat producers are one cohort of "the enemy" which is actually worship of the bottom line (kowtowing before Moloch), and the enemy will be destroyed, and replaced.

Keep in mind, just because vegetarianism is your revolutionary act for 5/3, that doesn't mean you should go back to burgers on 5/4. I'll be back with another suggestion tomorrow.

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