Tuesday, June 04, 2013

i am a disciple of saul alinsky

...NOT! I've never even read his book.

I don't know why the baggeratti have seized on Alinsky as the Emmanuel Goldstein of contemporary American fascism, but there he is and here we are. And except for the few committed Marxists among us, we're all shakin our heads and asking

"Saul Alinsky? WHO HE?"

You may remember Goldstein from 1984. He was once Big Brother's close associate, but they fell out  over policy, and Goldstein became BB's worst enemy, and the enemy of the state and all decent people everywhere. His was the face on the screen everybody screamed at and threw stuff at during the two-minutes hate.

The protagonist of that story later found out that Goldstein was invented by the state.

So to check out this modern American Goldstein, I dialed up Saul Alinsky on Amazon. There was his book, Rules for Radicals, at the top. There were also what appeared to be a couple of pro-Alinsky titles, but nearly the whole page was taken up with titles like "Saul Alinsky: the Evil Genius   Behind Barack Obama."

Suspicions confirmed. Saul Alinsky is a creation of the deepest thinkers of the wingnut zone. 

Of course, I realize that pointing out such a thing makes me guilty of Goldsteinism. But at least I'm not guilty of Alinskyism. 

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