Wednesday, June 26, 2013

no truth in pravda & no news in izvestia

Minimalistic journalism = journamalism, a term coined (along with many others) by Atrios, but I prefer to call it mindless suckass establishment newspaper writing.

If you're a journo school graduate looking for work, the bad news is there's not much opportunity out there. However, there's lots of work for bright, cooperative stenographers, who are willing to follow instructions and possess enough editing moxie to rewrite government handouts.

Like this.

The unnamed intelligence official, quoted extensively and without any rebuttal or even a question, must be pretty important, because he gave specific instructions to the "reporter," and had total control of the message, as whoever reads even a little of it can easily see.

If this woman is a journalist and Julian Assange isn't, we're going to have to revise our dictionaries, because that word no longer means what Doc Webster said it means.


Joe said...

Dave, the journalists definitely aren't doing their jobs like they did a few decades ago.

Much of the problem with civilization is we know deception is detrimental. Society pays a hefty price for these spy programs of all governments.

Joe said...

I mean we know but don't decry it.