Thursday, June 13, 2013

on things that are meaningless

Susie Madrak, observing the world through gimlet eyes at her blog Suburban Guerilla, takes on a relatively taboo subject, namely that golf is stupid and boring.

"I don’t get it," says Sue, "I’m right there with Mark Twain: 'Golf is a good walk spoiled.' This is such a big deal locally, and everyone is so upset because it was rained out this morning. They’re interviewing people on TV who traveled here from all parts of the country, and I just don’t understand the attraction. I mean, people say baseball is too boring to watch? At least there’s a strategy. Golf doesn’t seem very interesting.
Plus, from years in sales, I associate golf with the good old boys of the sales department, schmoozing and drinking. Maybe it’s a class thing, but I just can’t stand it."
A class thing for sure, in Rotary Clubs and sales departments all over America, golf is the great bonding ritual and fertility rite of the lumpen bourgeoisie. Kurt Vonnegut took a whole page in his final book, "A Man Without a Country," (p. 114)  to ask “What is it, What can it possibly be about blowjobs and golf?" (Martian Visitor)
A man after mine own heart was Mr. Vonnegut.

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