Wednesday, August 07, 2013


OK, I know it's SPOZE to be photos, not photo's, which indicates apostrophitis (plural nouns have no apostrophes, nor do possessive pronouns). I'm just messing around.

Anyway on to todays picture's.

Sun & Fog

Took this one from inside the house early this a.m., of the sun shining through the morning fog.

Produce Dept.

We purchased this aroused tomato yesterday at Chimacum Corner Market.

Kit took this picture of a beautiful stump a couple weeks ago, up by the village store.

This area was logged, but not clear cut, back around 1880, and there are lots of picturesque stumps here abouts. However, this tree appears to have burned, but that hasn't prevented it from supporting new life.


Joe said...

It's pretty amazing how long a stump can hang around if conditions are right.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

We've got a lot of old, large, and very picturesque stumps around here, mostly dating from the 1880's.

Joe said...

Dave, weather back in your childhood home area is cool this summer, reminiscent of times about four decades ago or longer. The August 14, 2013 high temperature was about 70, even with sunshine.

Joe said...

The jet stream is drawing chilly air down from the Hudson Bay in Canada.