Saturday, August 24, 2013

prevailing westerlies

Since I live in Utopia, I can speak on this topic with some authority.

First of all, Utopia isn't about politics at all, and there is no politics here. Zero (ø). Zip. None.  No politics of any kind, except among the Luddites, who are a backward, primitive tribe living on one of our local bays. Utopia is all about healthy minds in healthy bodies, which begins with a healthful environment.

We begin each day with exercise suitable to our individual ages and conditions. There is no obesity here, little diabetes, and no smoking. No alcoholism, either, since hard liquor, though legal, is seldom seen, beer is not much in evidence, and red wine with meals is drunk to excess only by visitors and misfits, who will leave eventually. We try to maintain the diet of tree dwelling apes, which is what we are, evolutionarily speaking. That would consist mostly of fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds, and from the ground, vegetables, some grains, small (tiny) amounts of meat. 

In Utopia, the worst crime a person can commit is matricide, or a crime against the earth, the only capital crime. An example would be spraying weeds with Roundup.™ We're protected from the drift of pesticide and herbicide clouds, smoke from fires that always burn in the late summer elsewhere, industrial pollution, and to a great extent whatever little pollution is produced here, protected I say by prevailing westerly winds blowing from the western sea.

Physically and geographically, Utopia runs from Juneau, AK, is entirely west of the Pacific cordillera, and extends down as far as Morro Bay. The cordillera is the Cascades in WA and OR, the Sierra Nevada in Caliphornia. However, Utopia doesn't exist everywhere even in its home territory, since it is more a state of mind than a geographical location.

We don't need politics here, which invariably follows in the train of advertising. All advertising is prohibited in Utopia, and nearly all capital that exists here is held locally as a local trust. Life is not perfect because that's the nature of life, and we still have the Luddite immigrants with their strange customs and primitive superstitions migrating into the area, and a pulp mill operating in ways which will be stopped. Since the owners of it are in Japan, they will not be executed after the mill is demolished and the damages computed. 

So you see, life isn't without problems anywhere, not even in Utopia. But it is sweet, and as good as it can be, and politics is entirely unnecessary. Everyone knows the truth, and there is really nothing to debate.

Coming soon: the exciting conclusion of "Achilles and Patroclus: were they "just" cousins, or did they play leapfrog in the asparagus patch?

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Joe said...

Those are some interesting things about Utopia.