Monday, September 30, 2013

serve em right, the bastids

Over 20 years ago, the Soviet Union and its empire of satellites crashed in a heap. The extremely abstract ideal of a socialist society died a slow death during the decades prior to the final collapse.

People in Russia were afraid. "What will we do without our beloved party chairman, and the Soviet Union to take care of us?" Their world had ceased to exist.

But something always comes after. There was a Russia long before the Soviet Union, and now it will prevail a long time afterward. They even got their Czar back, sort of.

And now, at this very moment, the government of the United States, a wholly owned subsidiary of BigOilBigBankingMilitary/Industrial/SecurityComplex, Amalgamated Everything, Inc., is in the act of committing suicide. When it goes down, industrial age monopoly capitalism will go with it.

Monopoly capitalism is not the opposite of socialism, and is the enemy of free enterprise, free speech, free society, and the free pursuit of one's own economic destiny. Under the rule of monopoly capitalism wedded with a war machine, society becomes regimented, conformity is demanded, and life consists of running a maze of interlocking hierarchies. Military hierarchies, corporate hierarchies, school, church, Rotary Club.

In this thread, we've seen the debate framed as Capitalism vs. Socialism. In fact, one of these is now dead, and the other is dying. Just because you approve of Social Security, Medicare, and public utilities doesn't make one a socialist, any more than believing that growing, transporting, and retailing food should be competitve, to deliver better products at lower prices, doesn't make a person a fan of the capitalists.

Enough of your tired, old twentieth centuryisms, Tenac. Get with it man, we're in the 21st century of our Lord, good old Anno Domini. The US and the parasites who own it are going down fast. Their dollar soon won't be worth a peso

This is not gonna be easy, but what must be must be. The past, even the recent past, is in the shitter, and as in Russia in 1989, nobody knows for sure what's coming. Better have your Kollapsnikov rifle at the ready. 

And I hope you saved your Confederate money, because the South will be back. At least I hope so.

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