Thursday, September 12, 2013

sammy the slug is going somewhere

Our local congressional rep, Sammy the Slug (R/UT) appears to be in a hurry. Maybe he's rushing to vote to raise the "debt ceiling."

Bill McBride, proprietor of the great, old Calculated Risk blog, put a few words up about this silliness yesterday, first observing that this biannual Republican threat to throw the country into default happens only in odd (nonelection) years. If they did it during even years, when the entire House of Reps has to run for their seats, they'd look stupid and might endanger their chances of reelection, but only in some cases. Even though many of them are gastropods, it's hard to imagine the typically entrenched House incumbent being defeated at the polls.

McBride also suggests that this non event (everybody knows this is just a stupid Rehooligan game, and they'll fold eventually) should be called "the default ceiling" rather than debt ceiling, because that's what we're actually talking about. And that, of course, would be illegal.

I guess the country doesn't have enough problems. Old Boehner and his superhuman crew have to create extra ones to deal with, to show us how hard they're working.

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