Tuesday, October 22, 2013

whatcha listenin to?

For me, it's the same stuff I been listenin to for 30 years. I graze around on different kinds of music, but never found anything I like as well.

At the moment, I've got Casey Bill knockin the eyes out of an old tune of his called "You just as well Let Her Go"

"You'll start talkin,
She'll start walkin,
She won't pay you no mind;
She'll start to leavin,
You'll start grievin,
No use to follow behind.

"Wellll...how you gonna keep her if she don't wanna stay?
You can't keep her 'cause she's goin away,
She done said she's gonna stay no mo',
You just as well let her go, I mean,
You just as well let her go."


1 comment:

Joe said...

Early rock 'n' roll.