Thursday, November 14, 2013

back in the cccp

A couple days ago we bought a house in Mesa, Arizona, a double wide mobile in a gated 55 and older park with pools, an exercise room, and lots of other amenities.

Mesa is a satellite of the enormous urban sprawl of Phoenix, in Maricopa County. In the neo feudal society the US has become, the county is the most important organizational unit, and this one is presided over by the American mini Stalin Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and his Beria, a Rehooligan opportunist named Bill Montgomery.

Kremlin Joe ran an archipelago of lethal slave labor prisons, called "gulags." The vast, frozen wastes of Siberia absorbed the millions sentenced to "tenners" (ten year sentences), for everything from espionage and sabotage to "dishonoring our Beloved Leader" by wiping their butts on pictures of Stalin, which were on every page of every newspaper published in the USSR at that time. (Newspaper was also toilet paper, the only practical use for the national propaganda organs, Pravda and Izvestia). The "zeks" of the gulag archipelago slaved, froze, starved and died as human sacrifices to Beloved Leader's wrath, brutality, and galloping paranoia. 

Likewise, Maricopa Joe's domains include broad stretches of the burning sands of the Sonoma Desert, where he erects tent cities in which the thousands sentenced in Maricopa County, mostly for marijuana possession or illegal immigration, are sent to swelter, work, and sometimes die. The county jails here are for profit operations, and Sheriff Joe is reputed to gain handsomely from his American gulags.

Unsurprisingly, the Sheriff's  Department casts  a very wide net in the Phoenix area, and the County Prosecutor has proved himself an able deputy in  promoting the interests of the Duke of Maricopa. In 2010, Arizonans voted to allow possession and cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes, but Bill Montgomery's interpretation of the law continues to produce new "units" for Maricopa Joe's slave labor camps

In an article in the most recent issue of  the Phoenix New Times, reporter Ray Stern details the arrest last year of a resident cited for impaired driving, after he tested .056 blood alcohol (he'd consuming a 22 ounce wine cocktail), Police also seized a small piece of cannabis infused soft candy from the car's console, and it is for this the young man is now facing the threat of three years in the Maricopa archipelago, plus a large fine.

Overthrowing the US government is a tall order, but undermining the feudal dictatorship of the Duke of Maricopa would be a simple matter of convincing the tens of thousands of Chicanos and Mexican American US citizens who are most endangered by this boodler and his Rehooligan Sancho Panza to vote. Once they realize the USA is not the same as Mexico, where popular elections are regularly and routinely neutered by a feudal ruling class, I'm certain these Rehooligan swindlers will be run out of town,

For Bill Montgomery, a self described "social conservative," that won't be a big deal, as he's a simple opportunist who can go to Texas or South Carolina, or anywhere local voters are more in line with his interpretations of state law and the Word of God. Maricopa Joe is another matter, though. For his various crimes, he needs to do a tenner in one of his own tent camps in the desert. Now in his seventies, he will be the last of the Maricopa zeks. 


Joe said...

Hmm, two gulag choices, one burning hot, the other freezing cold.

Fannybobanny said...

Congratulations! It's cold and wet here. I envy being in the warm and dry. Enjoy your new home.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

You enjoy yours as well, Fanny. And remember, it's not a city, but an adventure.

i hope everyone who reads this will pray that I don't fall into the clutches of Maricopa Joe, an enthusiastic prosecutor of cannabanoids such as Phoenix tears.