Sunday, December 08, 2013

bringin it all back home

m very glad to see the war coming home at last. As fast food workers went on a one-day strike for hgher wages in 100 US cities on Thursday, I could see the battle lines being drawn, with both sides steeling themselves for the struggle ahead. This one is going to be the finale, and I have a feeling we will finally decide what kind of a country and society we´re going to have

On their side, the owners have their corporate organizations, full of "yes" men (and women). They have the 24/7 propaganda engine of the corporate media, and of course, the national government -- executive, legislature, and a majority of the high court -- in their back pockets. And they also possess the awesome power of kapital
The workers have the high ground. and, literally in this economy, nothing to lose.

The corporatocracy also has full possession of the 4th branch of government, headquartered in the Pentagon and spread all over the world, whose operatives have one foot in government and another in ownership. It was this branch whose job it has been for the last 68 years to distract the workers from their real struggle, the one against the owners, by instilling fear and hatred of The Enemy in them, who changes from time to time (we were at war with Eurasia not long ago). So Afghanistan rolls on,   as it has for 12 years, but at this point the workers aren´t buying the threat of ¨terrorism.¨ and have no stake in the pointless struggle Afghanistan,
The US working class is no longer the easily-led herd of mindless fanatics and enraged nationalists they once were, however, and not so easy to manipulate as they were back in the fifties. If you're 24, working at McDonald's, holding down a part-time job, and still forced to seek govenment food assistance for yourself and your infant daughter to get by (which describes the situatioh of the young lady pictured above), you know that this country, this society, and the people who run it have problems which won't be addressed, much less solved, by a silly chimera like "Victory in Afghanistan."

It's time to finally bring the war home. Not the war in the MIddle East,  fought with explosives and bullets and currently fizzling toward its inevitable anti-climax, but a war of wills, to decide whose vision of America will prevail.

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