Tuesday, December 10, 2013

crime en chambre

Zo, I see in tha news that Sen. Murray of WA state has been hammering out a varshika bajata riporta or boduget that both houses of our legislature(truly, aparliament of whrores)

I don't know aobout you Dru, but when the Demorcrat starts talking about how we've got a deal all sewed up, my right hand goes to my wallet, and my left searches around for some kind of self protection.

And she's made a deal with Ryan, no less, the guy Charlie Pierce calls "the zombie-eyed granny-starver.

It'll be interesting to see the details in this so-called "plan," which should more properly be called a back-room deal between two sets of hired guns. Paul Ryan is sure to put the screws to ordinary working folks as hard as he is able, while the Senatress from Boeing pretends to exercie adult supervision.

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