Saturday, December 21, 2013

extreme isms

The Russian government has announced plans to block websites which encourage rioting and "extremist" viewpoints. The story at Russia Today also informs us that "Critics fear the law may infringe constitutional rights."
I didn´t even know Russia had a legislature, or a constitution for that matter. Not that it matters much, since the mode of government in Russia has been pretty much the same for over 500 years. You got the HMFIC, who used to be called the Czar (or more recently, the Party Chairman), and the rest is mayonnaise. TheSoviet Union had a constitution too -- and a lot of good it did them.

The RT story has the details. I just wanted to post this because I´ve noticed I have quite a few Russian  readers, and for those of you in PBurg or Mockba, if you dial up the old C-boxx one morning and find it gone, you´ll know I´ve fallen afoul of the Czar of all the Russias, or one of his blue-suited minons has found something "extremist" in the cranial detritus passes for thought in this space.

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