Saturday, December 14, 2013

lonesome eagles

Did you see him in the river? He was there to wait for you.

Could you tell by the empty quiver? Brownskin Indian on the banks

That were crowded and narrow

Held a broken arrow?

Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield, Broken Arrow (1968).

Over at the DeadBreitbart web site, a sort of running memorial to the late Andrew aswellas a running sore on the internet, folks are fuming and fulminating over the numbers of bald eagles flying into the propellers of the windmills of which the wind farms that are popping up all over consist.

OK, I´ll admit there may be a problem here, although the timing of it appearing now is somewhat suspect. We've got about 20 years' work to do in the next five years if we're going to head off unprecedented environmental disaster.

People standing around Thinking up reasons why we can't get it done aren't helping. Can't you go play somewhere else? I heard that Prznit Obabama recently shook hands with Raul Castro, at Mandela's funeral. Why can't you be more outraged about that?

I realize that not all reasons for hating any and all environmentalism are trivial. I mean, lots of folks really hate curly light bulbs because they're so UGLY. And I certainly hope they'll take that up with somone who cares.

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