Friday, December 20, 2013

no way 2 duck the first

It's like this, dear reader. In this country, a person has the right to think what he wants & say what he thinks. Amendment I.

I've been hearing a number of progressives the past few days saying that corporations are not bound by Amendment I, in connection with this controversy. That's very dangerous line to take, unless you want to go back to the days of Plessy v. Ferguson.

If Phil Robertson was using that silly A&E "reality" show as a soapbox for baiting gays, I wouldn't take his part. But he never has, and was answering a question for an interview in friggin GQ, and responded by saying homosexuality is a sin. When pressed to explain his views further he lapsed into a kind of studied in-articulation that smart and cagey people use when they don't want to be pinned down. 

Im not too sorried abut Phil R. He's exactly what he presents himself as: a backwoods Cajun-Arikie  who grew up very poor and very wild. He's also a successful businessman and a shrewd judge of human character. He's also walked with the Devil, been saved and redeemed by Christ Jesus,  He's got 12 million viewers and a few mil in the bank. Possibly he's amused by the prospect of A&E killing the duck that lays golden eggs. There's even a good chance that Phil Robertson will decide at some point that he doesn't want to mess with TV after all, because it interferes with the real business of life -- hunting.

It's like this: either we all protected by the first all the time, or we're not. This does not include a right to get up in people's faces and be obnoxious and/or threatening. It just means we all have the right to think what we want and to say what we think.

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