Monday, December 16, 2013

of brontosauri & men

Just as we were leaving Zion, my gal snapped this pic of me and Branwell, my pet dinosaur during our time in LaVerkin, Utah, which, as those in the know are aware, was where God located the first garden, you know, the original.

Branwell is only about 12 weeks, but large for his age and quite frisky. He'll do anything for artichoke hearts!

Unfortunately, I had to leave my little guy behind, in Zion, where such beasts as no one has ever seen are not just tolerated, but encouraged. However, there are no dinosaurs allowed in Arizona, and here in Maricopa County, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Dippity, Chuckles Montgomery hold sway, dinosaurs are rounded up mercilessly and deported to the Jurassic without delay or ceremony, and their owners dispatched to the Duke of Maricopa's desert tent gulags for 90 days to six months.

And they don't have any unicorns here neither.

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