Friday, December 06, 2013

picture this

This was going to be another installment of Friday Cat Blogging, except that pictures are a litttle beyond my means at the moment, plus we´re wrestling here with a spotty internet connection.

It was to have been a post about Sammy, the travelling cat, and how she has gotten used to moving from place to place, and in fact seems to thrive on it. I´ve never before encountered a feline who submits to automobiles without a struggle, and Sammy actually seems to enjoy the ride. A singular animal, to be sure, and enjoying the life of 1,000 motels.

It won´t last, though, because in about a week or so we´ll be settling into our new winter home, and will be there till mid-May, when once again our unique gata will once again experience the magic of the road, as we travel back to the north country.

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