Tuesday, January 07, 2014

money money money money money

A recent conversation at my favorite political discussion board went like this:

Jan 6, 2014 -- 7:35AM, Bodean wrote:

You do know that Bill Gates is a HUGE Democrat, with ties to the UN, and is the primary funding source for implementing Common Core in the US, which is an education system designed to dumb down the US public so to gain acceptance of Liberal Ideology.
So much for the constant lie of "GOP.. party for the rich".  Of course, you guys already know that is B.S. ... you just say it because that is what you are told to say.


I wouldn't call him a HUGE Democrat, but he is a Democrat with some liberal tendencies. So's his old man, the rich Seattle attorney.
Likewise, I seriously doubt that Common Core is "designed to dumb down the US public."

As for the rest of the bullshit here, a few months ago I consulted Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans, then researched the political money each of them gave, and to what party. It took a lot of hours, and I published the results here.

I can see my work had a tremendous effect on the wingers who screech here about how most of the super rich are Democrats.
What I found was that a surprising number of the super rich ARE Democrats -- something like 45 percent. However, the political dollars donated in the US are overwhelmingly Republican, starting with the Brothers Koch (Charles, at left above, and David, right) whose contributions in support of fascist politics and corporate dictatorship dwarf everyone else's.

Facts don't mean much on this board, however, and for our winger platoon, if the facts conflict with the ideology, the ideology always wins.

I'll no longer spend hours collecting the facts to refute these egregious lies. I might spend five hours working to find the truth, post it here, and the next day the jackasses will be back braying the same party line.

It's positively enough to gag a maggot.

(Illustration by DonkeyHotey; schnorred from Charlie Pierce's politics blog at Esquire.com.)

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Joe said...

That tendency to ignore truth is interesting.