Sunday, July 13, 2014

almost there


Out on the Salish Sea where the spirits spoke 2 me;
Out on the Salish Sea,  let it roll...

Any people that doesn´t turn away from torture in horror and disgust isn´t worthy of the name "people."

I know we´ve been doing it more and more since thet leetle dust-up in Veetnam started, but until Darth Cheney was appointed de facto Torturemaster, we were ashamed enough to keep it hid.

Gotta give old Darth credit for one thing: he always brazened it out, and let us know eggs ackley what he was doing. He's impervious to reason, proud of his blood-drenched record, and has already testified against himself in many TV appearances, during which he would snarl while extolling the virtues of waterboarding. There is sufficient evidence to convict him of war crimes on video recordings of them.

You know, we got thru WWII without doing any of what the Germans did to others, or the Japanese did to us. Our leaders back in those were wise enouh to know that if we tortured, we would have no grounds for objecting when the screws were put on our boys. They also had possession of a moral sense, and in that were different from your average neocon.

We let the architects of Vietnam off the hook, but the architects of Iraqghanistan will be brought to book. It won´t be soon, but as Guantanamo bumps & grinds toward closure, we will be reminded by the reappearance of torture porn in the media retrospective that accompanies it, that crimes of the neocons cast a very long shadow.


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