Thursday, August 28, 2014

привет Москва, до свидания Бирмингем

Not very many people worldwide read this blog. On a good day it might get 100 looks, which isn´t going to  set any records.

The thing is, on a day when catboxx gets 100 looks, 55 or 60 of them are in Russia, not the US.

This surprises me & warms my heart. But why? Maybe it´s because I´ve alwys been annoyed by cold-warism, by teachers telling us those Godless atheistic commies are gonna come over here & eat us. Somehow in my childish wisdom, I knew them Russkis were soft human beings, like us.

And now our masters in the Pentagon are trying to reanimate the corpse of the CCCP, but that's going over like a lead fart mostly. Americans are a little smarter than they yoosta B.

But I digress. What I wanted to ask is whether anyone there might consider dropping me a line, perhaps helping to explain to me why I have a disproportionate number of readers in the land of ice and snow. If it´s in Russian, that´s cool, I can translate. I know Google makes it nearly imposible to leave a comment here, so you can email or touch up on Facebook, where I´m Dave Brice.

And I want u to know Moscow and P'Burg are on my bucket list. Have to be in the summertime though, since my honey and I are allergic to snow and cold.

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