Sunday, August 31, 2014

hitler of the weak

We all laugh today at people who are so naive, or badly-informed,or just stoopid, that they still believe in Saddam's WMD, and that they're still hidden away somewhere in the world.

But when friends reach that level of self-satisfacion, or to put even less positive spin on it, smugness, I invariably want to ask them if they learned anything. What I'm asking is "Does this mean that YOU won't be fooled again?"

And since just today, Little Annie Apple Tree did some classic  warmongering in the WaPo, and, among other things, announced the identity of the new Hitler, who of course we'll be looking at for a year or more during the daily two-minutes' hate, it's a good day to ask.

Under a headline which claims the idea of war in Europe is not hysterical, Ms. Applebaum opines a couple paragraphs in: "I realize that this question sounds hysterical, and foolishly apocalyptic, to U.S. or Western European readers. But hear me out..." then goes on to claim that Vlad Putin is the equivalent of Hitler.

Boy, always Hitler. I guess you could say he set the standard, for bad guys. The US has faced a whole string of Hitlers in recent years, each one  badder & more scarier than the last: Osama bin Laden, the untoppable Saddam, Ahmedinejad, and now Putin. It's gotten predictable the way they pop up, always with the same little mustache, the comically bad haircut, and the facial expression that betrays a sexually repressed, sick and twisted mentality. But enough about us -- let's talk about why attacking Putin's Russia is necessary!

The argument boils down to  the threat that Putin poses for all of Europe, bein as how he's lookin for empire, means we gotta be ready to intervene militarily. Because it's like, that's achieved such fantastic results wherever we've been doing it in the world. We've improved life so much in the  Mideast; now it's Europe's turn.

There's one more thing I need to point out about this article: Anne Appelbaum is also Mrs. Radek Sikorska, for she is married to Poland's foreign minister, and became a Polish citizen last year. That makes her a partisan and a participant in one of the oldest European tribal conflicts. I would think the unwritten rules of full disclosure would require the Washington Post to tell us these things, & that failure to reveal them looks very, very bad, as if Applebaum and the Post both have something to hide.

Anyway, the last thing we need right now is another foreign war.We got a few things to settle right here at home, such as determining who it is, exactly, our local cops protect & serve. And suppose old Vlad IS planning an Eastern European "empire?" So how is that different from the Monroe Doctrine?

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Joe said...

Someone said recently that Vlad pulled the nuclear card with regard to Poland a few years ago, like he did recently during this Ukraine rigamarole. His doing it again recently might have triggered flashbacks for this WaPo writer.

Leaders struggling so much for all this militarism and territoriality seems such a waste, as becomes apparent twenty years later.