Sunday, October 26, 2014

1968 again?

Charlie Pierce at Esquire  (dot com) did his last piece of the week (9/24) on the possibility that
things are sliding out of control right now like hasn't happened since 1968.
I've noticed that kind of intensity in the air lately, & to cap things off on Friday, a couple of shootings, at a school in Marysville, Washington, and an assassination of cops in Sacramento. 

I consider the NRA one of the world's premier terrorist organzations, on a par with.The bhoys from Islamic State.

That's just an opinion, though; there are no facts linking the NRA to what happened Friday, like there are linking them directly to the Ebola panic. Charlie explains that connection thoroughly, but that's not the topic here.

However, the details of the NRA/ebola/surgeon-general flap do raise the question: how and why can a bunch of yahoos like NRA be messing with processes of gov't like this? Who the fk elected them?  Today's school shooting was #87 since Sandy Hook (12/12). It was also the 3rd in WA state since May. All foreign observers can do is shake their heads and conclude we must be nuts.

And they're right.

My starting point on this issue is that rational firearms legislation is impossible in this political climate, partly due to the NRA, and largely because of the numbers of goobers in our population, NRA members or not, who think and sometimes say Obama is "coming for my guns."

Our only alternative is to attack those cultural aspects that give rise to this insanity, mainly the cult of macho, Dirty-Harryism, & "Shoot first, & ask questions later."

As long as we encourage or even tolerate such destructive attitudes among young men, we're going  to be a society held hostage by heavily-armed pinheads with cowboy mentalities.

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