Sunday, October 12, 2014

another black teen shot ahd killed by st louis police

It's becoming almost a weekly occurrence.

An off-duty St. louis cop working a security job shot and killed 18- yr. old Vonderrit Myers last Tuesday night.

Protests were immediate, & as usual the police version of events was completely different from that Of witnesses, some of whom are relatives Of the deceased.

Charlie Pierce @ saw it this way:

Police say that the officer got suspicious when he saw three young black males running away, and one of them was wearing his pants in such a way as to suggest he might have a gun. Police say the man with the suspicious pants fired first. Police say the officer then returned fire -- 17 times -- and the man in the suspicious pants was killed. Police say that a 9mm handgun was found at the scene and presumed to belong to the man in the suspicious pants. An angry crowd gathered. Harsh words were exchanged. Police cars were kicked and their windows smashed. The circumstances of this latest incident are ambiguous, but ambiguity died in St. Louis at the same time Michael Brown did.

Looking at stuff that's been coming in since that day, I'm fast reaching the conclusion that this kid was shot for wearing the wrong pants in the wrong way.
Maybe his ass was out. I dunno cause I wasn't there.

So I guess that's how it works for black people now. They're not to wear the wrong pants in the wrong way. That's a capital crime for brothers, and if you're a white boy doing that, you will be sternly admonished (for reals).

It's the old "divide and conquer" tactic, whether intended or accidental. Black people are on the front lines for sure, and whites have got 2 B there 2. I was encouraged by the number of white faces in the crowd that hit the streets immediately after last nigh's shooting.

If the cops can just walk up & shoot you down for wearing the wrong pants at the wrong time, and in the wrong way, we don't have a situation any more, we got a war. It's a war in which our only effective weapon is nonviolence, and people are already dying.

They're angels and martyrs as far as I'm concerned. Angels wearing raggedy-ass looking pants that hang out all over the place, and flash their buttocks

What else besides the pants accounts for the fact that young black men are 21 times more likely than white guys 2 get gunned down by the cops.

It's not establiished yet what happened.

"Police say" or "police allege" the kid shot three times in every version of the story I read.

His mom still claims he was unarmed.

The medical examiners report was issued yesterday, and it shows of the "7 or 8" rounds that struck

Myers, all of them hit him in the "lower extremities" except the one that killed him, a head shot.

That in itself sounds suspicious. There's been no ballistics report, the cops haven't introduced into evidence a pistol with Myers's prints on it that's been recently fired.

Our old friend Van Jones says nobody can trust the police. I wouldn't trust the cops in St Lou to tell the truth any farther than I could throw a grand piano.

However, the facts are still coming in. 

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Joe said...

No due process at all as far as I see things. Just ExbyCop. Police really need retraining. The gun thing is probably straight from the dirty harry scenario.