Sunday, November 09, 2014

buy partisan

I never liked the sound of that word "bipartisanship."

It means the corporate ruling class is united & on the move.

The Demolicans & Republicrats is a show put on 2 distract the gapes, tho The players R often quite sincere in their hatred of "the other side."

But They all get their money from the same sources.

4 anyone looking 4 real reform, there R 2 avenues possible:

Transform the Democrats, & pry the party off the corporate tit.

or start a new party with *0* ties 2 the big companies, the war machine, or the fundamentalist Christian establishment -- the People's Party if U will.

When the last Democrat is strangled with the entrails of the last Republican (Thanks M. Voltaire), we can begin 2 have a country here, built on the ruins of USA, Co. Inc.

Painting: George Grosz, (German), "Einpilarsdelasocietat" ("The Pillars of Society"), 1926.

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