Wednesday, November 26, 2014

House Negro/Field Negro

It's been nearly 50 yrs since Malcolm X was gunned down by Nation of Islam triggermen paid by the CIA, but he remains the greatest expositor on the history of race in America as well as possibly the best public speaker I ever heard in my 70 yrs.

This speech, perhaps his best ever, is pure Malcolm -- aggressive & totally uncompromising. The coffee metaphor at the end of it is dead brilliant. He explains the history of race relations in America in a way that Any One can understand. It's as fresh and pertinent today as it was when he delivered it in 1963 (when he was still a Nation of Islam member).

I disagree with Malcolm on the efficacy of violence, but purely on tactical grounds. The ethics represented in the speech I find flawless.

Some were and will be deeply disturbed by this speech. The truth is sometimes hard 2 take.

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