Friday, November 14, 2014

J'ai un trou dans ma tete


But it's better to have a hole in your head than it is to have your head in a hole.

I almost took down last Sunday's post, cuz I was in such a horrible place when I wrote it. In the end I decided to leave it, as part of the road map.

One of the symptoms of this little conditionette I have is depression. It's supposedly not existential -- just strictly an inside job, cause z brain isn't producing enough zip-7 to massaginate the hyper-cortisoid, or something like that -- but I'm pretty sure the election had some thing to do w/ my horrible state of mind.

It IS depressing 2 realize yo livin in a place where the vass majority have their heads in holes of 1 sort or another. Such people can be dangerous, & the history of germany in the 30's shows how bad we can get.

However, the worst thing about the sympyomatic depression that comes with a hole in the head is feel like you're dying...literally. You're not really, but you feel like U are. It can scare hell out of the people around you, U kno, cause you're sitting there goin "O this is it...Think I'm goin down 2 nite" & etc & c. But at the time you're sure it's happening, I mean it RILLY FILLS that way. It's I swear not just a pitch 4 attention or sympathy.

But then you wake up next morning, not dead, and actually feeling pretty good, & take a moderate i.e., Normal dose of yr meds and start wondering "What was that all about?" & you know it was just that hole in the head messin with yu.

That doesn't sound like much fun, & it's not, but it's still better than having your head in a hole.

Just ask the yolks in KANSASS.

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