Monday, November 24, 2014

thank you, vladimir

Thank you 4 lettin us B our selfs...again.

Ukraine has become a watchword & warning for other countries around the world. "Don't let the Americans get their fingers in your pie." Neo-Nazism raises its ugly head. It's a big mess on Putin's western flank, which he's handled with restraint -- aah! -- don't start. You & I both know the kind of restraint this country would exercise if Russia were mucking about w/ the gov't of Mexico, or Cuba (again!). 

 The warmongering throughout the suckazz corporate media 
is incessant, with lurid tales of Putin-Hitler among them. What he's done so far is secure his essential naval base at Sevastapol in the Crimea, and gave aid, comfort, & limited 
military intervention to Eastern Ukraine separatists.

During  that same period, Ukranian military shot down a Maylasian passenger jet & made lots of scary faces at Putin, who's got other troubles besides. Thanks to US connivance w/ the Saudis & our temporarily lavish exports, the price of crude oil has been monkey-wrenched down 2 $75/bbl. That's Russia's main source of revenue, & the party's over 4 a while.

But what good is leadership if it can't handle a crisis now & then? Putin will come out of this smelling like, if not a rose, a marigold, and the Ukranians will probably shake off the fascist regime and interference in their affairs by NATO & the US. It'll start w/ agitation from below.

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