Sunday, December 21, 2014


Is there anything this Pope can't do?

He probably can't strike a match on a wet bar of soap, but other than that he looks like Superpope.

In recent centuries we've grown used 2 seeing some hypocrite or another on the Papal throne, whining about abortion & birth control, & ignoring real abuse inflicted by some church institutions on their own. Then comes Francis, who deals with the world not just with the authority inherent in the office, but from a  position of  moral authority.

If he keeps his string of hits going in the wake of Cuba-USA detente, he may succeed in returning the Papacy 2 what it once was, a politcal power in a world of competing nations, singular in its possession of neutral, disinterested, moral high ground.

 The  Pope? How many divisions  does he have?¨ Stalin is said 2 have asked when told the Pope (Pius XII) didn´t like his treatment of Soviet catholics. Hs remarks were typical of the last 100 years or so, reflecting disdain for an outmoded relic´s opinion on any world affairs. Who cares what that old flatus emission thinks?

Then one day the real deal shows up out of Latin America, still with not a single division, tank army, or air force. Yet, when he speaks, world leaders listen, someimes in awe & sometimes in fear, but nobody´s´ mocking this pope.

Let´s see what he can do in the 10 years or so he´s got left. World peace, anyone?


Joe said...

Hi Dave, world peace'd be cool. I was thinking recently of how the Russian language is largely responsible for the new Colder War, as people are sometimes calling it. Most Russians probably can't benefit much from English news reporting from the West. It makes them much easier to be propagandized. I'm not saying that the West doesn't have it's own propaganda though.

Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer said...

It looks 2 me, Joe, like every body really misses the Cold War. "Defense" businesses were never more prosperous, few people actually, died, & it's alwAys nice for folks to have an enemy on whom they can blame every thing, so as to avoid having 2 deal w/ their own shortcomings.

& if that's what Every one wants, I'm sure it can & will be arranged.