Wednesday, December 03, 2014


I finally found the top I've been seeking 4 the longest time -- $6 on Ebay. Guess I shoulda gone there 1st.

The Phrygian cap, an ancient design the Greeks used 2 designate barbarians, which 2 them meant any non-Greeks, has in modern times come 2 B associated with liberty, freedom, & revolution, specifically la Revolution Francais.

During the uprising of 1798-1805 it was always red, the colour of revolution, & incomplete without the blue, white, & red cockade.

Traveling across the Atlantic, it appeared on the coinage of the new American republics, both northern and southern, as the favored head covering of Lady Liberty, as it does on this US half dollar from the War of 1812. 

And once again revolutionary era Mexican coinage prominently featured the gorro de la Libertad. These were 90% silver, & some of the most beautiful coins ever struck.

Today we find ourselves living in momentous & revolutionary times once more. It's time to put on the Phrygyian cap once again, a headpiece ugly enough that unbelievers will surely eschew it.

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