Sunday, December 14, 2014

politially correct xmas

I´m baking my pnut butter Xmas cookies this morning, which R genderless by default. (R pnuts gender

I make only half a dozen at a time, so the hard part is producing the recipe in the correct scale. Politics got nothin 2 do with it, except 4 z butter.

1. simmer 1 gram of 13-17% thc hybrid in 2 Tbsps of butter 4 90 minutes.

2. carry on as U usually would with all ingredients reduced by 7/8.

Makes 6 cookies.

The butter preparation is suspect in this county. I'm warned  each tme I open a gram that while what I am doing is legal under state law, I might be violating federal and local laws. These are not specified, however.

Such solemn admonitions may not be politically incorrect, but R obnoxious as hell & probably the work of our obnoxious Mormonublican DA.

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Joe said...

Happy Winter Solstice