Sunday, January 11, 2015


What a test a couple of shitheel Parisian brothers, now deceased, are laying on us. What's the  right way 2 respond 2 terror?

My initial response 2 the Charlie Hebdo massacre was probably "reductive," as The Guardian's Gary Younge characterized all such visceral reactions today. But on further reflection, it seems 2 me that this tragedy raises mostly fundamental free-speech issues, my first conclusion. 

When dealing with terrorists of any kind, whether they're the black-clad dolts of al-Qaida/ISIS, or yr local boys in blue, or the guy from down the street who threatens to whomp you with the Jesus stick, there's 1 principle we need to stick 2.

Salman Rushdie, who appeared on Bill Maher's first show of the new season last night, said it loud and clear -- "Never give a fucking inch."

The terrorist objective is always the same: 2 intimidate us into silence and compliance with their will. That's why it's important to get up in their grilles, and scream loudly, insultingly, and with great malice, "No, Never, Not one inch."

This has been the response, for example, of Deray McKessona St. Louis native, 2 the intermittent and random terror the various police departments in that county have imposed on its black communities.

There R some, such as the TV host mentioned above, Mr. Maher, who concentrate on the ideology of specific terror groups, & argue that acts like the massacre at Charlie Hebdo are intrinsically connected to Islam, a fundamentally flawed religion. However I think even Maher, an arrogant atheist, would find such an argument ridiculous if it was applied to US citizens who have murdered abortion providers & then applied 2 all Christians by extension.

When it all boils down 2 gravy, ideology is words -- hot air, & we're left with behavior. And didja ever notice, the behavior of Mideast terrorists is a lot like that of Americans who sleep on pillowcases wth eyeholes cut in em.     

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