Sunday, January 04, 2015

vánoce skončily

The Holidays are decidedly done 4 another year. Finished. All gone. No more. None left. They're history now, 4 a month & a half annyway, until the feast of St. Valentine sneaks up on us.

Today is the day, if you haven't done so already, to move the dead tree out of the living room, bundle all the decorations into boxes and thence to storage for another year, and assess the damage.

There's been a lot of progress this year, both on the personal front & in the wider world.  There's been a lot of damage 2, as there usually is during times of progress, which entails major changes,

That means it's past time to get serious about changes we've resolved 2 make in our selves in the coming year(s) as well. 

Because of economic, political, & environmental instabilities, society's particles -- i.e., individual humans -- tend 2 B more agitatated than usual, & will become more so as we approach the boiling point.

This may be the year of steam.

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