Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bib bob

I got an intresting writing prompt @ F___B___. a few days ago, I forgert from whom. The idea of it is to characterize each of your nine most frequent F___B___ friends -- the  9 pictures in the left sidebar in a box/  The prompt suggests a few words 4 each, in order, starting at top left and moving horizontally.

Here's what I came up with.

1. Bib-Bob -- Ciggy-smokin roundup expert, inventor of carbonated beef suet.

2-Terry G -- Tequila-soaked intellectual, radical good timer, former colleague of Ed Norton, now retired. 

3- Ellen -- cabaret chanteuse, yogini, co-author of the song "Reggalar Guy" (& I'm not schizophrenic).

4- Pam - yogini, former varsity cheerleader at PU (Cal. state @ Pismo Beach)

5- Meredith -- prolific blogger, author of the memoir, "My life on the Intenet Tubes" theraminista.

6- julie F.A. -- Graphic artist extraordinaire, graphic, world-class joneser, long-winded raconteur (See Twains "Jumping Frog..."

7. Bobadilla -- Mexican Peacelord, political wonk, author of "Howard & Me."

8. Jennifer -- femme fatale, former roadie 4 the Rolling Stones, everybody's fantasy 2nd wife.

9. Chris --Former Nun, lives with Tom Trailmaster, clmbs mountains, trees, rocks, & rooves.

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