Sunday, March 08, 2015

The kardashian buttocks and the venus of willendolrf.

Even if U have little acquaintance with the poisonous cloud called the National Media, I'm sure you've heard about Kim Kardashian's ass. Probly seen it too.

     Kardashian's unique & expertly crafted & sculpted hindquarters convince me that in terms of ethical progress, humankind is going Neolithic. Devo's message back in the 70's (if there was a message) was that humans have devolved and are devolving -- Think of it as evolution in reverse.

That's a wrong take only because whatever develops is evolution by definition. But I understand & agree with what they said, way back thar in tha semnie's.

I'm afraid not of the image of Kim Kardashian's botuffin glutei, but of what it says about us. It seems we have reverted to worship of the Venus of Willendorf:  

Ever wonder what old Venus W. looked like from behind? Just like Ms. Kardashian.
 C'est vrai! 

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