Sunday, April 12, 2015

grey houn' depot

Today I'll just list a few of my favourite hits.

Such as "Got to get You into my Jeezny." (Beatles)

"When a veck loves a Ptitsa." (Percy Sledge).

"I fall to Lomticks," and "Bezoomny." (Patsy Cline)

"Move that veshch." (Memphis Jug Band)

At the grey houn' depot (the real one, not the retired folks's park where I live & which I sometimes refer 2 as "the grey houn' depot.")

Waitin on z bus 4 Tucson 2 pull in2 la Mesa depot. Scheduled 2 leave in 0:15.

Grey Houn' depots never change.I've been riding the buses almost 60 yrs.  & they're Only marginally betta. They promise wi-fi, but that's a joke. If their wireless connection was about 4 times more powerful, passengers might B able 2 use it. As it stands, interstate wireless on z bus is jus' another bus', another council tenancy w/ a PTA mtg on the side. A nodder gyp.

We R pritty far south pf Phx now. I think in the far distance I see the cat-a-mount, the mountain by the side of the road that looks like large, predatory, catt.

I'm goin 2 Tucson 2 meet a gril, of course
a lovely gril as it turned out, w/ big, blue eyes and a long, slender body. Also 2, she'  got a voice like melting chocolate. I love the sound of mature pretty womens' voices. 

& who could forget the ever-popular "The 1st time ever I saw yr Litso"?

These & many other old chestnuts rattle through the metal storage bin of my mind this morning as I prepare  2 board the 11:10 4 Tucson.

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