Monday, June 15, 2015

грубая, жесткая слоеного крем

The current hostility between the US & Russia 

It represents a new and unprecedented level of expansionism on the part of the US, in which (as usual) the perp accuses "the enemy" of the very things it is doing.

And actually, it should be called US hostility toward Russia, as Putin and the Russian military have done nothing (ø, zip, nada) in response to the US and NATO's deliberate provocations.

I really don't think this clumsy & transparent attept to create a new/old enemy will succeed because a) it's crazy, as in certifiable lunacy, and b) the Russians are too smart to blunder into the trap.

I would not B so quick to blame America first if Uncle Sam didn't have  his fingers in everybody's pie.

Actually it's not so much Nuncle Sam as that Aggressive Young Man, Joe Pentagon. Apparently we have some bright, shiny, new secretary of Offense (aka "defense dept").

Perhaps you or one of the furrin policy geniuses here can tell me what the czar Vlad has done that's so demonic that the US is planning to site nukes in his front door.

Up comes a different day, along with the SOS -- American aggression -- with the largest media, including the "liberal" NYT, deeply in the pocket of the weapons-and-war crowd, possibly the lartgest and most powerful of the mobs of which our oligarchy consists.

This is pretty big bcause we're in the middle of changing enemies now, and switching back to the Eurasians, not from the Eastasians , but the South Asians. For the lazt 25 years the Arabs have stood in as designated "enemy" and didn't look 2 bad if photographed at night wearng a white turban, w/ curved dagger betwwen the teeth in a face of concentrated ferocity, set with a huge hook nose.

In the end the Arabs gave what they could, but were never able 2 top 9/11, & so faded as the Eurasians, in the fevered and overheated minds of the American oligarchy & their pet possums at CNN, began acting aggressvely  with hostile intent. 

For his part, Vladimir Putin, Czar of all z Rooshas,  has ignored this  stream of aggressive JABBERING & baring of tooth, & nuke rattling coming from Joe Pentagon & his current spokesman, Mr Obama. & Obama is really 2 blame 4 none of it, but remains MERELY a frail & tender reed 2 lean upon.

Then Serphim barks up a loogie: "So in the present case the Left believes that the US has no interest in opposing Russian imperialism?"

So then i calmly tellim I knows not about what z Left b'lieves.

I know that I believe that the US (meaning Us, the people, la Raza or whatever) has a huge interest in opposing AMERICAN imperialism. For one thing, not being a citizen of a warrior state is a better & more sure way of staying alive & in one piece...

Frankly, I don't discern any Russian imperialism. At all. perhaps you can kindly point out 2 me what I missed.

Illustration: detail of Judith & Holofernes by Caravaggio, Italy,16th cent.

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