Thursday, June 18, 2015

everything must go

The Pope has spoken, and made clear that if we're going to survive and prosper as a species on this planet, we're going to have to change one thing -- EVERYTHING.

There's no new science revealed in Francis's message, but the philosophy is startlingly original.

 What you see in the illustration is both a beneficiary and a victim of privilege. Remove privilege from the world, and you remove everything in the picture except the cement block and the mind of the sufferer. Gone are the television, ball & chain, couch, ashtray, beer can, trash spread promiscuously about (pizza boxes & beer cans) & 200 lbs of blubber encasing 150 lbs of muscle & bone.

Transform the pcture in that way and the guy literally leaps into the air, liberated & set free. Keep everything the same and he dies in misery, enslaved by his own addictions, the first of which isn't shown -- the car in the garage.

100 Years of transportation whoopee & EVERY body would look like this.

It's our job at this point to think about what Francis has told us, for with our thoughts we make the world. But don't think 2 long; the need for action now is urgent.

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