Sunday, June 28, 2015

life in these disunited states

Looking around at the US today, I quickly come to the conclusion that this country hasn't been so divided since the Civil War.

Then it was brother vs brother, and today we're seeing that again.

In those days whites, who ruled the place, agonized and disagreed, to the point of going to war, about what the status of blacks in America was, and what it should be. Just like today.

On one hand we had, and have, an industrialized, urban population, quick, intelligent, mobile, and contemptuous of any kind of rural slowness or traditional points of view. On the other we have the tribe of bumpkins -- romantics who  dislike the anti-idealist tendencies of modern science.

And there's where the problem lies. If people look at the facts and disagree on a course of action, that's OK, but if they can't agree on what the facts are, you've got real problems, for the nature of reality comes into question.

I doubt that the coming confrontation will be as bloody as the last time, but it could be. Either way, there has to be some kind of resolution of the issues.

1. Science is here to say. Relgion and science need to agree; when they don't one or the other is wrong.

2. White Christians no longer rule America. The 14th Amendment (adopted 1867) makes clear who is a citizen, who isn't, & posits the equality of all citizens.

3 Facts are things that are true,  & the stuff you make up isn't necessarily, no matter how much you might wish it was.

4. Communism. socialism, fascism, racism, nationalism, black & otherwise, even abstract expressionism, are all on the outs. It's time for an end to -isms, and past time for Americans to start dealing with each other as human beings rather than abstractions or "demographics."

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