Monday, June 22, 2015

ye foxe & ye raysyns

Wm. Caxton, the printer, retold this beautiful old fable of Aesop in 1484.

He is not wyse
That desyreth to haue a thynge whiche he may not haue,
As reciteth this fable Of a foxe
Whiche loked and beheld the raysyns that grewe vpon an hyghe vyne,
The whiche raysyns he moche desyred for to ete them.
And whanne he sawe that none he myght gete,
he torned his sorowe in to Ioye
and sayd These raysyns ben sowr, 
and yf I had some I wold not ete them."

And therfore this fable sheweth that he is wyse
Whiche fayneth not to desyre that thynge the whiche he may not haue /

(I think it was his wyfe who really wanted the raysyns,)

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