Monday, July 20, 2015

red, blue, purple, vermilion

It 's Monday mornin, start of anudder week.

God's in his hebbin, Barack's in z White House, the Repubs R ony their way out as a national party.

They'll remain a strong & perhaps the predominant force in some regions. The Heartland. The Old Confederacy.

However, if you look at a map accurately portraying the political great divide in the US     
2day, it's tricky. The majority lives in the blue 
regions, which contain the coastal megacities.

The red areas are geographically dominant, but mostly sparsely populated & in some places such as Nebraskey, emptying out. 

Dark red states voted Republican in the four elections of this century, & dark blue states did the opposite.

Light-coloured states went 3-1 during the same time.                                       

Purple states gave 2 elections 2 each party, 2000-

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