Saturday, August 08, 2015

koch whores

the comprehensive list                                                                                                                               

Let's recall, as their friends in the print medta enjoy doing, all the money these philanthropic brothers regularly give to GOOD causes, such as PBS. Then let's recall the introduction of the brothers  to the world at large through what some have called a "hit piece" by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker back in 2010.

It was what I call a "True Hit Piece."

Mayer detailed the political education of the brothers via their dad, a self-Made Texas oil millionaire, and one of the founders of the John Birch Society. They've never repudiated the fascist, pro-war ideology in which they were raised; they have grown into the modern embodiment of it. 

Like the birchers? Sympathize? RU a BIRCHSIMP?? If so, vote for Koch Candiadates. Look for the seal of approval stamped on their gonads -- they're mostly men, but women candidates will send copies of their ovarian x-rays to voters on request. 

If a Birch/Koch candidate represents YOUR values, I feel sorry for you. Backwardness, and a belief that the Status quo is sacred, do not serve your fellow man as well as $20 & spot of cofeee or lemonade would.

If you detest the influence of big money in politics, and the presence of slugs like the Kochs & Mistah Adelson, & If your answer to that mierda is "no," then vote for Bernie Sanders for presnit in 2016. He's not superman, but he'll get things rolling. Revolution isn't a game.


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