Friday, August 28, 2015

of splebes, diagonadl & z "é booby''

dish yere is made me loif completL! it's a jen -u -wine  DIAGONADL SPLEBE.

My life's great desire & purpose is fulfilled, & come on, relly, this perfect SPLEBE  has gone unremarked, tho in my possession 4 a cupola yrs's just a matter of 'C-IN'G things As THeY riLLy R.

There;s the signpost, Up ahead(!) -- You're entering...

Definitely not a What Were We Doin? story; it was more like "What did us?"

This is a screen shot of z haboob that was spoze 2 smite us day B4  yistidday (8//26).  At this pt. it was 10-12 mins south of here, and all dust out in front.

By the time it hit us at 8-50pm it was heavy rain & dust mixed 2-Gether ---- woreded inuit joansing pretty guid, ye rain alasted long enoug & was sufre intense enough 2 wash it all 'clen.'

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