Sunday, August 02, 2015

people vs. money

That middle class generation has an aggregate accumulated wealth that is estimated to be somewhere between $17 and $34 trillion dollars.  Most of that wealth is tied up in primary residences, pensions, and savings accounts.

Boy, I wish I Was in that lucky cohort...missed it by 2 yrs (b. 1944) -- 

I'm kidding of course -- most everything in yr essay applies 2 me.

Politics in the US today is nearly all about money it's true. That & taxes, is the whole Republicabrone agenda. Why else would they wanna sell us a nice portfolio for our Social Security? 

Their failure to get that done & thereby get their mittens on that remaining part of our portion will cause them 2 weep bittterly. That's O.K. it's their party and they can cry if they want 2.

The first priority of course is to hand em their asses on the tax issue as a means of estblishing fiscal sanity & also gaining the upper hand over the big money boys once & for good.  

That done , I'd like to see politics look to wider horizons, thru such things as establishing peace & demcracy. 

But for right now our hands are full with a simple message to the other side: we (the people) WILL govern you (the money), and you WILL NOT be able to freely root about, attempting to rip us off.

Illustration, engraving from an original drawing by Pietr Breughel the Elder, (Dutch, 16th cent.)  "The Battle between the money-bags & Strong Boxes."

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