Monday, December 14, 2015

above it all


So what say ye? Is she floating serenely above the fray, like Nike Athena looking down from Olympus  upon us ant-like mortals below?

Or is she more like (as Mr. Kunstler would have it) "gliding above the election arena like Rodan the Flying Reptile — caw! caw!"

I saw but didn't hear* her posture of the week for 12/8-12/14, with its not-so-subtle message: "Peace & Love will 
rule the World" raining down on us humans from heaven, but triangulated and engineered to counter the violent fulminations of one, specific mouth-breathing politician.

Don't get me wrong...I'm glad she's targeting T. Rump, but I can't understand why she seems to be unable to do this -- or anyting else, spontaneously.** Even when she's righteous, she comes across as a big phony.

*I usually watch political coverage on TV with the mute button engaged.

**Want spontaneity? See this!

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