Tuesday, December 22, 2015

eye witless 2 histy

Dear Angry,

Arn't U evr afraid oƒ BURNIN up in yr own righteous indignation, not to mention indigestion?
& blieve it or not, even though i'm a 72-yr clean hippie freak, I agree with yr attitude entirely. I-2
will vote for either one -- on the other side of coarse.

I guess U COULD  say the main diff between U  and me is that while I & mine  are celebrating  a great and transformational victory in November,  you'll be looking at the same problem that plagued U in 2012, namely: how can we get somebody  b-soides OAFS (old white guys like U & me; old farts)  interested in some body like Romney or Drumpf, or Teddu Cruzu?

I don't think there's any way that the national Republican Party can continue on the way it is, without filing the intellecral, moral, and spiritual equivalent of chapter 11 or 13. 

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