Saturday, January 09, 2016

freedom was his fly pan

Some of the people on the right -- I don't really know what to call 'em any more -- say their movement really got going and got energized in the wake of Goldwater's disastrous defeat in the election of '64. I remember the night he was nominated and my friend and I drove up to the Mark Hopkins and just drove past wondering if we might see him. We didn't, but we saw David Brinkley instead. 

Goldwater wrote "Conscious of a Conservative," because he knew there was one somewhere, and also penned "Freedom is my Fly Pan," in which the candidate displayed his talent for entomology. He wanted to do away with Social Security and the whole New Deal for that matter, just like this scurvy crew that's been running  things since about 1980 up until now, but he was a decent enough old chelloveck. Certainly not a mean bastard like Reagan, or a crazy person like we've had ever since Reagan. You know, birds like Gingrich and Tom D. Lay and Mitch the Turdle. 

Everything was better in the old days. Even conservatives were better.

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