Friday, May 13, 2016

pоссия vs usa, part the infinity

Three years ago Kit and I caught a black bear eating berries in the back yard of our Port Ludlow, WA condominium. By the time she got her camera the thing had turned tail and was running for all he was worth. She got a good shot of his fleeing backside.

Now comes the same situation a few thousand miles to the east. This fellow awoke to find a black bear rummaging in his garbage. As you can see, the Russian bear is a little more determined than his US counterpart, but, unfortunately for him, so are the Russian humans.

Total score for both these encounters is:
Human beings - 2,  Bears - 0

And the international tally is 
Pоссия - 1, USA - .5

(I had 2 give us 1/2 pt for being willing to scrap; unfortunately, the bear was not.)

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