Friday, July 01, 2016

oooh,that musta been a bed-bug... (lemon jefferson)

Public records show that Sen Sanders was paid in excess of $1,800.00 in 2015 by two private organizations. He must make  the contents of those speeches public, or otherwise surrender credibility in his ongoing feud with Mrs. Clinton, in which he insists she must divulge the contents of speeches she made to Goldman-Sachs and elsewhere on Wall Street. 

What happens in Phoenix gets spread all over the map. Sort of like Marinera sauce, but not near as tasty. I'm Joe Friday;  it's that day again.

OK, you're saying that what Bernie Sanders did is equivalent to what Mrs. Clinton did when she harvested millions from Wall Street Firms for speeches. And even though we know how much she got 4 each speech  the content of all of them is a closely-guarded secret (like the nuclear codes) -- no transcript, no synopsis for any of em.

I moseyed on over & decided to stick around & have a look-see. When I got over there it was ø but a rehooligan mob, so I thought I oughta "Stick Around" & have a hear-listen also 2.

PROFESSOR BRICE STICKS AROUND ON POOR HAPLESS MR. GREENJEANS. Engafgesin the dreaded spying technque, "hear-listen!"

The greatest carrier of "hear-listen" campaign microphones is Z bed bug, a pest for reasons other than this vermin's copious eagerness to be trained as spies, which augments and competes with his natural tendency and bloody enjoyment of painfully biting humans. 

I'm sure you know what I mean, and puhleeze do me the kindness not to evah ask me to explain it 2 U. 

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Unknown said...

Not the hear-listen technique!!